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AGWA 1979: A Brutalist Gallery in Perth

In celebration of the Gallery buildings 40th anniversary and the exhibition Perth Brutal: Dreaming in Concrete this limited edition publication is a concise overview of the new gallery project and its place within the Cultural Centre. It includes a biographical sketch of Charles Sierakowski, a factual history of the building’s construction, how gallery spaces were conceived and how they have changed over time. It also explores how various exhibitions have utilised them, how directors, curators and exhibition designers have engaged with them, to local architectural significance and context, as well as the building’s inspiration, influence and legacy. Contributing authors include, AGWA Curators; Robert Cook, Melissa Harpley and Dunja Rmandic. It also contains essays from Patrick Ford, Annette Condello, Merindah Bairnsfather-Scott, Noel Nannup and Andrew Murray.
Paperback. 240 pages. Exhibition Curators and Publication Editors: Robert Cook and Melissa Harpley. ISBN 9780648106227