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What is the Indigenous Art Code?

The Indigenous Art Code is a system put in place to preserve and promote ethical trading in Indigenous Art.

The INDIGENOUS ART CODE (the Code) was developed in the first instance by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) and then by the Australia Council for the Arts, who worked closely with an Industry Alliance Group made up of artists, Indigenous art centres, commercial art galleries, public art galleries, auction houses and visual arts peak bodies; including the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists, Umi Arts, Ananguku Arts, Desart, Australian Commercial Galleries Association, NAVA and the Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association.

Read the Code, Constituation of the Indigenous Art Code and information about the Board of Directors.

Why buying ethically is important

In many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, art sales are the main source of income. Making sure you always buy ethically and authentically is not just about protecting the buyer’s investment, it’s about respect for the world’s oldest living culture, ensuring the artists and those around them are paid fairly and securing a sustainable future for Australia’s Indigenous art industry.

Purchasing from the Art Gallery of WA Shop

The Art gallery of WA has signed the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct. We pride ourselves on the sale of Indigenous products which directly benefit Indigenous artists and their communities.