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The pivotal moment took place in New York City on June 28, 1969, when a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village bar known as a refuge for gay men, ignited violent demonstrations and protests. These events, later known as the Stonewall Riots, marked the inception of the LGBTQ rights revolution. Half a century later, every June, the LGBTQ community and its allies come together to honour this historic milestone. For the first time, The New York Times has compiled a compelling visual history capturing five decades of LGBTQ rights movement parades and protests. Paired with descriptions of significant events from each era and excerpts from The Times' coverage, these photos portray the triumphs, setbacks, and enduring struggles of the LGBTQ community.

Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 1 June 2019
Number of pages 224
Format Hardback
Contributors Introduction by Adam Nagourney
Dimensions 18.1 x 23 cm
Weight 766 g

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