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Island of Yeahnahnesia Volume 1: A Mystical Land Somewhere in the Ocean

The Island of Yeahnahnesiabrings together imagery and writing by the widely travelled artists Yok and Sheryo to introduce a fantastic island culture to the world. In the creation of Yeahnahnesia, the artists draw on their individual cultural experiences and modes of creation and combine these to form a cohesive aesthetic that playfully connects world cultures in memorable and surprising ways. The result is the formation of a world where relaxation is central to existence; an value that Yok and Sheryo wish upon those who engage with their work and reflective of the balance they seek and enact in their own lives. 

 Presented in the form of a scientific journal the photographs of temples and totems, detailed drawings and texts describe the history, customs, people and envirnment of Yeahnahnesia; a world that is so well document it comes to life through these pages.This publication was produced by Yok and Sheryo in partnership with AGWA as a result of the exhibition Yeahnahnesia, curated by Isobel Wise and exhibited at AGWA from 13 November 2022 to 30 April 2023.

Artwork and texts: Yok and Sheryo

AGWA Exhibition Curator and Co-Author: Isobel Wise

Published by Yok & Sheryo and The Art Gallery of Western Australia.

First edition 2023

Edition of 500


112 pages


ISBN 978-1-922868-02-2