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Look, look. Anna Park

Look, look, Anna Park titled after Anna Park’s first museum exhibition and curated by Rachel Ciesla at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, is the artist’s first monograph, published by AGWA. 

A major new figure in contemporary drawing, Anna Park has swiftly gained recognition for her richly detailed charcoal and ink works on paper that teeter between figuration and expressive abstraction. Taking inspiration from popular culture, communal experiences and more intimate interpersonal exchanges, Park’s darkly humorous drawings make visible the ongoing societal pressure to conform to beauty norms that reach across race, gender, sexuality and class.

Featuring 15 of her newly exhibited works, a curatorial essay by Rachel Ciesla and a studio ‘behind the scenes’ section, this publication allows readers to gain an in-depth ‘Look’ into Anna Park as a visual artist and her world.


56 pages.

Published by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Curated by Rachel Cisela and organised by the Simon Lee Foundation Institute of Contemporary Asian Art.

First edition, 2024,

ISBN: 978-1-922868-05-3