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Our Strangely Normal Home

Fleur Schell, a ceramicist hailing from Fremantle, WA, introduces her work with a quote displayed beside her front door: "‘Welcome to our humble home, full of standard everyday goings on. Full of mundane chores and the buzz of regular life, which is really a secret code for here lives the most magical of creatures and superheroes living the greatest love story of all time."

She shares her inspiration for the artwork featured in her book, highlighting the mantra that defines her household. The book's genesis traces back to her creation of a wall-mounted sculpture called "Floorplan," a biographical piece constructed from her grandmother Gwendoline's vintage suitcases. Within each case, Schell crafted miniature dioramas representing various rooms in her home, capturing the essence of her family, including her children Heidi and Harry, their Border Collie Tembo, two chickens named Wonder Woman and Poet, and their rabbit, Texta. Schell's decision to transform "Floorplan" into a book aligns with her aim to perpetuate and enrich the cherished myths that have become legendary within her home.