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Andy Warhol, a prominent figure in the Pop art movement, is celebrated for his critical exploration of American society's facets, including consumerism, materialism, media, and celebrity culture. He challenged conventional artistic subject matter by drawing inspiration from contemporary advertisements, comic strips, consumer products, and iconic Hollywood figures. Warhol's revolutionary approach elevated everyday objects like a Campbell's soup can or Coca Cola bottle to the status of traditional still lifes. Simultaneously, he redefined the role of the artist, famously declaring his desire to become a "machine," minimizing his authorship presence and collaborating with numerous assistants in his Factory studio, where mass-production methods and images were the norm. This book offers an introduction to Warhol's multifaceted and prolific body of work, which blurred the boundaries between "high" and "low" art and grappled with fundamental questions of modern living, production, and consumption.

Details: Hardcover, 21 x 26 cm, 0.59 kg, 96 pages