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One of Twelve Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru Tie by Phyllis Donegan

Donegan’s painting Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru transports us across the vast desert country surrounding the Tomkinson Ranges near the artist’s home community of Kalka, in the far north-western reaches of South Australia.

The painting’s title, Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru translates into English as, ‘lovely country, lovely drawing’.

Through her skilful use of layering and tonal graduation, Donegan’s work creates an immersive experience – her paint appears to vibrate above the surface of the canvas creating a mesmerising optical effect. In this way, the artist breathes life into the undulating tali (sandhills) and puli (rocky hills) that characterise the sprawling desert country of her homelands.

100% silk satin with cotton padding and silk lining.
All ties come in a beautiful giftbox and include an Artist’s card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.