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One of Twelve Untitled Tie by Warlimpirrgna Tjapaltjarri

Warlimpirrgna Tjapaltjarri’s untitled work depicts designs associated with the sacred site Wilkinkarra (Lake Mckay), north-east of the remote community Kiwirrkura in Western Australia. During mythological times, a large group of Tingari men commenced their journey at this site. They travelled in a large circle, before finally returning to Wilkinkarra. This story forms part of the Tingari Song Cycle, a closely guarded mythology the specifics of which are known only to initiated Pintupi. In general, the Tingari were a group of ancestral beings who traversed the country, creating and transforming its features through their adventures.

Warlimpirrgna’s distinct style references the iconography of men’s body decoration, specifically those used in the in the ceremonial performance of stories from the Tingari Song Cycle. The mesmeric quality of Warlimpirrgna’s paintings is unsurpassed, and his striking work has captured the attention of collectors and institutions the world over.

100% silk satin with cotton padding and silk lining.

All ties come in a beautiful giftbox and include an Artist’s card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.