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The Art of Colour

A fresh take on art history, this book explores the captivating history of colours and pigments. Discover fascinating connections, like how ultramarine in Vermeer's "Milkmaid" links to ancient Afghan cave paintings, or how Hokusai's "Great Wave" owes its blue to an alchemist. Uncover Pre-Raphaelite obsessions with a brown hue from ancient mummies. From cave dwellers to scientists, colours in art have intriguing origins. Over ten engaging chapters, Kelly Grovier delves into pigment stories, complemented by key moments in colour theory evolution. This epic narrative of human ingenuity and desire will forever change your perspective on art.

Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 27 April 2023
Number of pages 256
Format Hardback
Dimensions 18.2 x 25.5 cm
Weight 862 g

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