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TIME • RONE Catalogue

For the first time, acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist Rone will exhibit at AGWA in the historical Centenary Galleries in a fully immersive exhibition. TIME • RONE breathes life into a lost era of Australian history. Profoundly atmospheric, the exhibition blends soundscapes, murals and installations to ask questions about what we leave behind.

The Time Exhibition Catalogue offers an intimate glimpse into Rone's ambitious three-year project at Melbourne's Flinders Street Station. Located in the station's abandoned third-floor wing, Time pays homage to mid-century Melbourne while celebrating the iconic station's heritage. This site-specific experience expertly captures the grandeur and intricate details of a bygone era, showcasing Rone's profound artistic vision. The Catalogue, a beautifully printed soft cover book, provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of this atmospheric and historically rich exhibition.