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Qeeboo Saguaro Coat Rack - Green

The Saguaro, a distinctive columnar plant found in the Sonoran desert, develops various branches as it matures. In this rendition, Stefano Giovannoni designs a 195cm high coat hanger suitable for coats, hats, and jackets. This hanger, available in multiple colours, is crafted from recyclable polyethylene and is upheld by a metal base coated with powder.

About the Designer:

Stefano Giovannoni, a Florence Architecture graduate now based in Milan, wears multiple hats as an industrial designer, architect, and interior designer. His collaborations span a multitude of companies like Alessi, Fiat, Samsung, Siemens, and more. Noted for creating bestselling products such as the “Girotondo,” “Mami,” and “Bombo” series, he's been hailed as a design visionary. Referred to as the “Champion of Super and Popular of the years 2000” by Alberto Alessi, dubbed the “King Mida of design” by Cristina Morozzi, and recognised as the “Most bankable designer” by Eugenio Perazza of Magis, Giovannoni is praised for his knack in anticipating people's preferences and tastes.

Product Information: 

DIMENSIONS: 46 X 48,5 X 195 CM

PACK DIMENSIONS: (L - W - H): 54.50 X 54.50 X 196.00 CM

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