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One of Twelve Ray James Tjangala Untitled Tie

Ray James Tjangala's unnamed artwork illustrates patterns linked to Karrilwarra, a rockhole near the Kiwirrkura community. Two ancient snakes journeyed from the far east to this site, shaping rockholes, soakages, and sandhills before heading west to Jigalong. The Tingari people also paused here during their travels, following the same path as the snakes. This narrative is a part of the secretive Tingari Song Cycle, known solely to initiated Pintupi. Generally, the Tingari were ancestral beings who transformed the land through their extensive travels.

His artistic style diverges from the typical sinuous rockholes seen in much of Papunya Tula's work. He's recognised for his precise geometric designs and repeated forms that make the story less explicit. In this contemplative artwork, viewers ponder whether Ray depicts the snake's skin or traces their journey from east to west.

100% Silk