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Multiholk De Stijl House Bird Feeder Bird House

Multiholk is a unique fusion of a bird feeder and nesting box, drawing inspiration from the charming aesthetics of traditional Swedish cottages and architectural design. Developed in collaboration with ornithological specialists, this handcrafted product is meticulously constructed from sustainably sourced solid wood and adorned with environmentally conscious paints.

The feeding slots at the base of the structure offer easy access for small birds to their food, ensuring that the seeds remain shielded from adverse weather, droppings, and larger avian visitors. When the breeding season arrives, the Multiholk effortlessly transforms into a cozy nesting box.

Dimensions: 184 x 194 x 247mm
Weight: 1kg
Material: Solid Wood
Capacity: 2 litres of feed
Accessories: Wall bracket and screws, wooden perches