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Life of Colour Classic Colours Silky Paint Stix

Introducing our Silky Paint Stix 12-pack, a convenient alternative to traditional paint supplies. These chunky, water-based paint sticks offer the same effect as tubes of paint and brushes without the mess. They are rapid-drying, non-toxic, and odor-free, suitable for all ages but designed with kids in mind. No setup is needed, making them hassle-free and perfect for outdoor activities. Whether it's a family adventure or quality time with friends, these paint sticks provide an enjoyable way to connect and create art together.


  • The set comprises 12 solid poster paint sticks in vivid colours, providing a sensation akin to drawing with lipstick.
  • They offer a vibrant, silky, and enjoyable alternative to traditional painting materials. Users are captivated by their smooth texture.
  • Quick to dry, unlike other silky crayons reducing mess. 
  • Simply uncap, twist, and paint; no water is required.
  • These colors blend effortlessly, allowing you to paint, blend, and layer over dried paint with other pens or colours.
  • Suitable for use on various surfaces such as our Wood Slices, paper, cardboard, and other flat surfaces.