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Jonathan Adler Large Acrylic Pill - Green and White

Pop (Art) Pills.
Get your daily prescription of surrealism with our lustrous homages to fab pharmaceuticals. Crafted from solid acrylic with laser-etched dosage of 500 mg. Use as a paperweight or to create an art installation on your cocktail table? 

29cm Long x 12.5 cm High

To best preserve acrylic's lucidity, always keep out of direct sunlight
Care should be taken to avoid scratches
Clean using a soft, dry microfiber cloth in straight strokes
Minor scratches can be buffed out by hand with a soft, dry cloth
Never use harsh chemical or abrasive cleaners and/or household window cleaners on acrylic
If you need deep cleaning, use warm (hot water can cause clouding), soapy water and a soft, lint-free cloth
If scratches develop, Novus cleaners may be used to repair. Novus Level 1 is for cleansing, 2 for polishing light scratches, and 3 for more significant wear.