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Kungka Kunpu (Strong Women)

Kungka Kunpu is a tribute to strong women by renowned Aboriginal women artists from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands of South Australia. This book will accompany the national regional touring exhibition which features contemporary paintings, moving-image and sculptural works in tjanpi (desert grass) from the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, as part of AGSA's acclaimed Tarnanthi exhibition program. In this exhibition of recent works, Anangu women artists share cultural knowledge and tjukurpa (ancestral stories) across generations, such as the wellknown Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) story about women who travel together and look after each other. Kungka Kunpu (Strong Women) presents works by leading artists, including Angkuna Baker, Kunmanara Wawiriya Burton, Nyunmiti Burton, Sylvia Ken, Betty Muffler, Kunmanara Militjari Pumani, Kaylene Whiskey and Yaritji Young. The work of these cultural custodians is daringly contemporary while also deeply embedded in tradition and rich in ceremonial song and performance. Their energy is visible in their bold use of colour, and their spirit is evident in every work.


Sodt cover

Pages: 122

Dimensions: 235 x 230mm