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Juluwarlu Group Print Warlu by Various Artists

Yandanyirra [the Fortescue River], the supplier of our life-needs that provide us our Ngurra [our lands] is our permanent water source, through all the seasons. The river runs through many miles of Yindjibarndi Ngurra, replenishing growth in food sources, plants and medicines while providing a sanctuary to all living things. This includes the Yindjibarndi people who see the river and the water as a cultural and religious temple that holds the ancient languages, songs and stories of creation-times: Ngurra-Ngujungumu [when the world was soft], song-lines and stories that shaped the beginning of time, which brought the Ngurra out of the sea and reformed it. Over time, these sacred songs and dances transformed the landscape with gifts of the Thalu sites, with our beginning-time stories that marked and identified time, and rock art which reflects beings of another time that walked among Minkala, Marrga and the Yindjibarndi.

Contributing artists include: Courtney McKay, Judith Coppin, Wendy Hubert, Alice Guiness, Margaret Read, Harry Mills, Lorrain Coppin, Hayden Woodley, Sharona Walker, Lilly-Jo McKay, Denna Lockyer, Gabrielle Cheedy, Bella Walker.

Details and Care Instructions:  Archival prints of original artworks printed with pigment inks (not dyes) onto top-quality rag paper and are guaranteed to last up to 100 years, however it is recommended that NO artwork be placed in direct sunlight.

Edition of 100 and embossed with the Juluwarlu Art Group logo. 

Paper size: 3o cm x 30 cm.

Print size: 25 cm x 25 cm.