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Juluwarlu Group Magnet Set Wayne Stevens

Based on original painted carvings by Wayne Stevens of Ngunda Yarndu Gundu (Corroboree Masks)

Corroboree is celebrated that breathes life into the people and country. Each corroboree has a special meaning and belongs to individual people and passed down through families. The corroboree is given to a spiritual person who travels to the dreamtime in another dimension. Here, he hears the song, he learns the choreography, he visualises the paint design for the dancers, then he brings it back to reality- and gathers the dancers to perform the choreography to complete the corroboree for the people and the land. 

To create these masks, Wayne will collect, dry and carve the wood to make the masks, draw the designs and paint them using a combination of ochres and acrylics. 

5 Rectangle magnets with backing card in clear bag. Each magnet is 4cm x 5cm.