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Juluwarlu Group Print Jellyfish Dreaming by June (Moonie) Djiagween

Limited edition giclee art print of an original artwork by June (Moonie) Djiagween called Jellyfish Dreaming

June expresses her love for country and ancestral dream stories through painting acrylic and ochres on canvas. June draws her strength and inspirations from all four ancestors' tribes deep in her blood with historical stories. From earth, sky, rivers, trees, plants, oceans, islands, animals, spirits, seasons, creation time to connection to country bond by aboriginal sacred laws and culture.

Bardi tribe joomoolgoorr narinyman biliri. The swarm of jellyfish is a sacred message from nature our ancestral spirit and song lines. Bardi-Jawi and Yawuru people read the seasons. The jellyfish symbolize the dreaming time, the change of the seasons monsoon rains and cleansing of country.

Details and Care Instructions:  Archival prints of original artworks printed with pigment inks (not dyes) onto top-quality rag paper and are guaranteed to last up to 100 years, however it is recommended that NO artwork be placed in direct sunlight. Editions of 100 and embossed with the Juluwarlu Art Group logo. A3 size.