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Skateboard Jean-Michel Basquiat Untiled (Angel), 1982

About Jean-Michel Basquiat - Skateboard Triptych - Untitled

"Angel" (1982)

Bringing together tradition and contemporary culture, this Jean-Michel Basquiat Skateboard Triptych features a reproduction of Basquiat's work Untitled "Angel".  This piece was created in 1982, a particularly busy year for a young artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  There are other famous untitled paintings from the artists that represent Angels, inculding the "Fallen Angel", which has a similar background but a more frightening appearance.

This exclusive and limited edition set of three skate decks made in collaboration between The Skateroom and The Estate of Jean-Michel Baquiat mixes the energies of underground culture and legendary artists.  The Skateroom is a platform for promoting, selling and producing art on skateboards that supports youth-empowering organizations. More Details on Jean-Michel Basquiat - Skateboard Triptych - Untitled "Angel" (1982)

  • Dimensions Individual Decks) : 31" H x 8" W
  • Material: 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood
  • Includes printed Basquiat signature on top
  • Each deck come with a fixture - ready to be mounted on your wall
  • Wheels and tracks are not included. © The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  • © The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat.