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In this book, Omar Kholeif, a prominent figure in networked culture, delves into the influential artists and events that have shaped the era of networked culture since its inception in 1989. Combining personal experiences with a comprehensive exploration of the subject, Kholeif highlights how the rise of the World Wide Web has opened up new possibilities for both analog and digital artists. The book features renowned artists like Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Nam June Paik, Heather Phillipson, and Wu Tsang, showcasing their diverse work across various mediums. From browser-based art to the advent of NFTs, this narrative provides insights for the present and future of art in the digital age.


Format: Hardback

Size: 203 × 137 mm (8 × 5 3/8 in)

Pages: 296 pp

Illustrations: 75 illustrations

ISBN: 9781838664077

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