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Handmade Stoneware Platter Rectangle

Simone Nabholz's range comprises beautiful rustic plates, spoons, bowls, mugs and vases in soft whites or speckled white. Largely monochrome, and drawing on the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi, the muted beauty of imperfection as well as the Danish custom of hygge.

A typical workday for Simone in Fremantle’s Stackwood Studios can involve any of the several phases: from preparing wet clay or moulding and shaping items by hand, to bisque firing or glazing pieces. Each item takes about three weeks to produce, with variations in size, curve and speckle making each piece unique.

When friends are over this is the perfect platter to serve sourdough bread, slow-roasted vegetables or smoky hot meat straight off the barbecue. It's great for anything that you're gathering together to share. 

approximately 39cm long x 22cm wide x 2cm tall

White with Speckles

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