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Flora Photographica

Delve into the vibrant, daring, and unexpectedly stunning world of contemporary flower photography with this comprehensive volume, featuring the work of over 120 of the world's foremost photographers. Flowers have been a perennial focus in photography, whether as traditional still lifes, botanical studies, integrated into portraiture, or even subversively used in surrealist creations. Today, flower photography continues to flourish, pushing boundaries with fresh interpretations of flora. Flora Photographica connects the best contemporary flower photography of the past three decades with its historical roots, bridging canonical floral art from photography, botanical illustration, drawing, and painting. Renowned photographers like Cindy Sherman, Thomas Ruff, Vik Muniz, Valérie Belin, Viviane Sassen, and Martin Schoeller feature prominently across nine thematic sections. This book is not only a celebration of nature's beauty but also an exploration of the cultural significance of flowers. It delves into a vital facet of contemporary photography and is a must-have for enthusiasts of both flowers and photography.

Details: Hardback, 272 pages