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Emma Lashmar '"Quartz Deposit" Free-Blown Glass Bulb Vase (M)

“Sand, ash, salt, heat” Collection - exclusive to the AGWA Design Store

Yhonnie Scarce's crucial work "Thunder Raining Poison" influenced Emma Lashmar's "Sand, ash, salt, heat" collection of free-blown glass pieces, inspired by her observations of a glass crust emerging on the earth's surface at the Maralinga bomb site.

The collection is a modest acknowledgment of unsettling truths about human interactions and our impact on the Earth's resources. Each piece contributes to uncovering fundamental truths, striving for a sturdy foundation to progress with mindfulness and compassion.


A jumble of black colour blocks through clear, with an ivory flurry, accents of golden and deep amber and bubbles.

Size: H: 13 x W: 13 cm

Weight: 1.5KG

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