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Dolly Parton and Tina Turner Tea Towel x Kaylene Whiskey

Third Drawer Down and Iwantja Arts have collaborated to present an exclusive collection of household items featuring the incredibly talented and awe-inspiring artist, Kaylene Whiskey. Hailing from Indulkana, a remote Aboriginal community in the APY Lands of north-west South Australia, Kaylene Whiskey grew up without the internet, but the vibrant culture of the 80s, with influences like MTV, RAGE, and pop culture, shaped her imagination, resulting in a world of narratives and comic book-style artworks.

Kaylene Whiskey pays tribute to resilient women and seamlessly blends elements of popular culture with her personal experiences and everyday life. Her visual language heavily emphasizes the importance of community, balancing whimsical aesthetics with powerful messages that encourage enjoyment while also advocating for the well-being of one's sisters.

- 100% Linen
- 50cm x 67cm / 19.7" x 26.4''
- Gift Packaged

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