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Buku-Larrnggay Birrpunu Earrings 1626-22B

Artist: Birrpunu

Medium: Gipipi - Mangrove oyster, earth pigments & sterling silver.

The Yolŋu term "Girriŋgirriŋ" refers to the art of creating jewellery, necklaces, and ornaments using seeds and shells. Various natural materials like seeds from Gum Trees (Eucalyptus), Rattlepods (Crotalaria), Red Bead Trees (Adenanthera pavonina), Sicklepods (Senna obtusifolia), Ŋaraka (fish vertebrae) from fish species like Parrotfish, Kingfish, small Mäna (sharks), stingrays, and seashells are used. Small seeds are pierced with a needle, while large ones are pierced with heated wire. Seashells are collected, boiled, cleaned, and pierced. Gipipi is a shell fish which tastes like scallop. They can be found on the beach or under the mud of the mangroves. The species described by this name are Isognomon ephippium, Placula lincolnii, Placula placenta.