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Better World Arts Notebook, Handmade Paper - NPA937

Nelly holds deep knowledge of the Seven Sisters Story, an expansive Tjukurpa (creation) narrative following Wati Nyiru's pursuit of seven sisters across Australia. Originating from Whyalla, the sisters were relentlessly chased by Wati Nyiru down to Port Augusta, where he persistently pursued the eldest sister for marriage. Attempting to escape, the sisters departed in the night while Wati Nyiru slept. However, he soon resumed tracking them and found them near Canberra, causing concern for the eldest sister, who quietly alerted her siblings of his presence.

Nelly describes Wati Nyiru as unpredictable, acknowledging the sisters' fear while he relentlessly pursued them. Despite the eldest sister's discreet warnings, Wati Nyiru's persistent desires led to a chase as he sang and danced, prompting the sisters to flee continuously. The painting captures some of the locations where the sisters sought refuge during their journey.

Notebook lined 12.5 x 19cm

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