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Better World Arts Notebook, Handmade Paper - MNM600

In this Dreaming tale, a Jampijinpa and a Napangardi, ancestors of two dogs, journeyed from the west to the east. At Tapu, a rockhole, the two dogs went their separate ways. Napangardi headed south while Jampijinpa went north. However, feeling lonely, Jampijinpa eventually howled for Napangardi in the south.

Upon her arrival, they wed at Ngarnka, donning respective marriage headdresses and with Jampijinpa adorning himself with white clay. Together, they continued their eastward journey until reaching Warlaku (Ali Curung). Upon arrival, they found a community of dogs—families living together, comprising parents, children, and relatives. Jampijinpa and Napangardi settled in Warlaku, establishing a large family of dogs, embracing the communal life with others. This 'malikijarra Jukurrpa' (two dogs Dreaming) thus conveys the significance of proper family conduct and marriage values.

Notebook lined 12.5 x 19cm