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Better World Arts Cushion Cover Wool 40cm - AAD997

These beautiful, unique textiles are a cross-cultural collaboration combining Aboriginal designs and traditional Kashmiri handicraft. The chain-stitched (Gabba in local Kashmiri) cushions are hand stitched by rural folk in remote villages in one specific region of Kashmir. Over generations they have honed their skills and refined their hand crafted produce. Only the most skilful artisans can faithfully reproduce the images we send to them. Aboriginal artists in remote regions in Australia, as well as others living in our cities, benefit from regular royalties paid monthly, as well as using these products to tell other people about their rich cultural heritage.

‘Seven Sisters’ By Andrea Mimpitja 

The sisters created the landscape as they tried to escape from Wati Nyiru. They created a rock hole which went under the groun and came up on the other side of the hill. The women dived into th water then flew up into the sky. Wati Nyiru followed them. Now Wati Nyiru can be seen to the south of the seven sisters th Pleiades), as he still chases them across the sky.

Cushion cover 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16"). Sold unfilled.

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