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Common Practice: Basketball & Contemporary Art

Common Practice aims to explore the intersections between contemporary art and the sport of basketball, as well as the surrounding culture. It delves into how basketball has consistently served as a source of inspiration for artists throughout different eras. This publication embarks on a journey to gain a deeper understanding of basketball, going beyond its physical nature confined within the lines of a court, and examining it through the broader perspective of art.

Featuring the works of more than 100 prominent artists including Keith Haring, John Baldessari, Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol, Robert Longo, Ai Weiwei, Barkley Hendricks, Carlos Rolón—a versatile visual artist known for his interdisciplinary approach—alongside the contributions of Dan Peterson, the founder of Project Backboard, a non-profit organization, and John Dennis, a filmmaker and photographer.

Dimensions: 24 x 28cm
Pages: 344
Binding: Hardcover
Colour illustrations: 225

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