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Art Poems by Charmaine Papertalk Green & John Kinsella

Art is the second collaborative poetry work from Charmaine Papertalk Green and John Kinsella. It is a formidable call and response piece that builds on the stunning dialogue the two authors began on paper in False Claims of Colonial Thieves (2018). While ART is a collaborative work, each poet’s contributions are presented independently. They showcase their talents in a dynamic exchange, working innovatively to present a poetic response to artworks.The focus of their attention is a series of paintings by the late Nyoongar painter Shane Pickett. Pickett’s work provides provocation for both poets to reflect on their own lives and histories on Nyoongar country. Their interwoven dialogue examines the politics of the contemporary art world, of museums, archives, and galleries.The book also features a conversation between Charmaine and Shane’s son Trevor Pickett, which discusses Shane’s life, influences and the significance of his painting and worldviews, along with a selection of visual works by Charmaine.



Pages: 126

Dimensions: 145 x 200mm

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