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Clay at Home Kit

Make your own ceramic cups. The Clay at Home Kit will give you a chance to slow down and make something beautiful and unique. It's the perfect solo activity, or grab some friends for a night in with a glass of wine and some clay. Beginner friendly, kids can do it too!

The kit includes:

  • Set of pottery tools
  • Winterwares speckled clay blend (1.5kg it's enough to make 2 cups and more)
  • Calico wrap
  • Instruction book
  • Online video tutorial
  • Glazing & Firing*

*Firing and glazing are included if you return your pieces to the Winterwares studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. If you live interstate, get in touch with a local pottery studio to fire and glaze the pieces for you. We have a list of kilns we can recommend in each state.  For your cup to turn from clay to ceramic, so you can drink out of it, it needs to be fired in a kiln. You can’t bake it at home, it has to be cooked to 1280°C! Bring your cup back to Winterwares and we will glaze and fire it.