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Ed Templeton: Tangentially Parenthetical

This book showcases a curated selection of photographs from the extensive street photography collection of Orange County artist Ed Templeton. Templeton himself meticulously arranges and rearranges these images, combining intimate, accidental, and seemingly unrelated moments to create a cohesive narrative. Through this thoughtful arrangement, hundreds of new stories emerge, offering glimpses into everyday life. "I'm constantly capturing photos that don't fit into any specific theme other than just life," remarks Templeton, adding with a touch of irony, "which isn't the most exciting title for a book." With a playful nod to the absurd, the book features a cover adorned with patterned parentheses and an afterword composed of Templeton's stream-of-consciousness storytelling. Each image is carefully chosen, manually shuffled, and presented with a blend of wonder and wit, transforming mundane moments into visual treasures.



Publisher: Um Yeah Arts

Publication: 2018

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 203 x 273 mm