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Vincent Namatjira

‘Welcome to the past, present and future. I stand side-by-side with my great-grandfather, who I never met – two painters from the centre of this country, standing up and making our voices heard. I believe in the power of art, the power of the paintbrush. I know that art can change lives. It changed mine and I hope that art can change the world too.’

Vincent Namatjira, a keen observer of life, power, and popular culture, offers a unique perspective on Australian history through his art. His paintings serve as gateways to another world. In this monograph, Vincent guides us through his artwork, providing context for his iconic series on Indigenous soldiers, leaders, power, and the Royal Family, offering a glimpse into his worldview.

The book features contributions from various authors, including Lisa Slade, Nici Cumpston, Gloria Strzelecki, Bruce Johnson McLean, Ben Quilty, and Tony Albert. However, it is Vincent's voice, as well as his artwork, that takes center stage in this vivid portrayal.

256 Pages


Size: 25 x 23cm.

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