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Massimo Listri. Cabinet of Curiosities. 40th Ed.

Aristocratic collectors like Grand Duke Francesco I de' Medici and Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II amassed extraordinary objects, catalogued in cabinets of curiosities, spanning fields from art to science. These collections spanned architecture, art, gemmology, and even alchemy. Marvel at narwhal tusks, rare coral, Murano glass, and mechanical automata. The cabinets encapsulate various historical periods from the Renaissance to the Baroque era. While some are gone, others have been reconstructed. Photographer Massimo Listri's work, capturing these collections across Europe, provides an immersive view. The result is an enchanting collection of photographs, accompanied by accessible introductions and insightful commentaries, offering a glimpse into civilization, the development of museums, and the expansion of human knowledge.

Details: Hardcover, 15.6 x 21.7 cm, 1.10 kg, 448 pages

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