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INDIA: Contemporary Photography and New Media Art

"INDIA: Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art" showcases 45+ modern artists and collectives engaged in a dialogue with India's rich history and its evolving future. The book emphasizes the present moment and encompasses various artistic approaches, from art photography and contemporary practices to installations, moving images, journalism, and documentary photography. The themes explored encompass caste, class, partition, gender, conflict, religion, nationalism, technology, the environment, human settlement, and migration.

Author and editor Sunil Gupta highlights the role of images in India's multilingual and diverse subcontinent, which has historically used photography for cohesion. The book also delves into the digital revolution of the last two decades, which has integrated photography and moving images into the realm of fine art. Edited by Sunil Gupta and Steven Evans, this book features essays from regional and contemporary art experts.

Publisher name Schilt Publishing
Publication date 1 June 2018
Number of pages 300
Format Hardback
Dimensions 22.6 x 29 cm
Weight 1740 g