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Tjanpi Desert Weavers Basket Rene Nelson (Irene Lewis) D16cm x H7cm


Tjanpi Desert Weavers, a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code, is a dynamic social enterprise of the NPY Women's Council. Tjanpi (meaning 'dry grass') supports Aboriginal women living in remote Central and Western desert communities to create contemporary fiber art.

When collecting desert grasses (minarri, wangurnu and yirlintji), women visit sacred sites and traditional homelands, hunt and gather food for their families, and teach children about country. Grass is bound with wool, string or raffia and combined with yirnirnti (red seeds of the bat-wing coral tree) and wipiya (emu feathers).

Tjanpi Desert Weavers confirms the accuracy of the details set out in this Code Certificate.

Rene Nelson


Irruntyju (Wingellina)