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Bitossi Figura Gatto Alto (Tall Sitting Cat)

Finished with the exclusive blue crystalline glaze that distinguishes the iconic Rimini Blu Collection by Aldo Londi, this exquisite figurine of a sitting cat is a statement piece of superb elegance. Engraved by hand while the white refractory clay is still fresh, the ornate stencils highlight the regal pose and exquisite details of the triangular face, pointy ears, and legs. This collector’s item will make a stunning display in a living room or private studio, adding a charming accent to a modern or rustic-chic decor, either alone or with other pieces from the same collection. Established in Italy in 1921, Bitossi Ceramiche has a rich heritage of producing high-quality ceramic art pieces. Renowned for their innovative designs and meticulous craftsmanship, Bitossi continues to be a leading name in the world of ceramics.

• Material: Ceramics
• Dimensions (cm): W 10 x D 10 x H 33
• Handmade In Italy

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