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Talk Art The Interviews

The creators of the bestselling book "Talk Art: Everything you wished to comprehend about modern art but hesitated to inquire" have united 24 significant, emotional, humorous, and informative conversations from the Talk Art podcast. These chosen passages delve into the motivations, artistic journeys, and favored creators of a captivating variety of imaginative individuals—from Grayson Perry to Elton John, Tracey Emin to Paul Smith, and Wolfgang Tillmans to Sonia Boyce. Accompanied by visuals of the creations they've crafted or that have influenced them, this anthology exhibits a range of interviews:

- Jerry Saltz
- Laurie Anderson
- Stephen Fry
- Elton John
- Tracey Emin
- Paul Smith
- Sonia Boyce
- Chila Burman
- Rachel Whiteread
- Wolfgang Tillmans
- Pierce Brosnan
- Grayson Perry

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