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Garden Gloves Gold Digger

We love glamorous people with dirty nails but if you wish to treat your hands with some respect once in a while, use our gardening gloves while digging in your soft rich soil. Our gloves in gold have a stretchy and soft comfort for extraordinary and stylish garden work.


Small = 6/7
Hand length – 16 cm/6,3 inches
Hand width – 8 cm/3,1 inches

Medium = 7/8
Hand length – 17 cm/6,7 inches
Hand width – 9 cm/3,5 inches

Large = 8/9
Hand length – 18 cm/7 inches
Hand width – 10 cm/3,9 inches

X-Large = 10/11
Hand length – 19-20 cm/7,8 inches
Hand width – 11-12 cm/4,5 inches