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Cub & Fox Magic Canvas and Brush Set

Enjoy mess-free painting fun with the Magic Canvas and Brush Set! Toddlers, babies, kids and adults can unleash their creativity using just water—no paint needed. Comes complete with a a set of 5 premium brushes designed for children.

Creator and Mama Fox Mayra and designer and Papa Fox Kieran draw daily inspiration from their children Aluna and Alma, building Cub & Fox on the belief in the vital role of creative play for children. As parents facing the challenges of daily life, they strive to provide enriching experiences amidst their busy schedules. Grounded in the reality of parenthood, they are driven by a vision for a future where their children can thrive and shape the world.

- Set up and pack up in a snap
- Endlessly reusable
- Made from natural, non-toxic materials
- Built to last with high quality and durability

Watch as it fades when dry, ready for another round of artistic adventures!

Comes with a stylish natural cotton drawstring bag for convenient storage.

For best results, use clean brushes with your Magic Canvas®. Residue from old brushes may cause water marks and stains as the canvas dries. Ensure brushes have not been used with paint previously.

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