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Fearon Window Side Table - Lilac

Handcrafted locally in Queensland, Australia by brothers Jack & Mark Fearon, the WINDOW Table from their Bread with Butter collection is a result of experimentation with colour and form with the ever-present need for purpose and functionality. This design can be seen as a highly practical art object for the home. With its cheeky bodily form and popping colour, the character of this table will enhance any space while lasting the test of time with its sturdiness. A stunning table with a playful design that is made with 3mm aluminium plate cut and folded by hand with 150mm tube legs. The heightened platform to allow for versatility and functionality in your space. It can be used as a side table/ bedside table/ stool/ chair/ or just a sculpture in the living room.

400mm W x 550mm D x 626mm H x 470mm Seat Height

Approximate weight: 14kg

All Bread with Butter pieces have been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to the high-quality powder coated finish, the console will withstand most weather conditions. The Bread with Butter Collection was thoughtfully chosen to be made of Aluminium as it is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. Aluminium is highly recyclable and has a life-span measured in decades rather than years.  All items in the Bread with Butter collection are designed to be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The aluminium frames are strong and built to last. The powder coat finish is susceptible to scratches or wear much in the same way timber or stone is. To protect your item from scratches, avoid dragging items across the surface such as  bowls, cups and vases.