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Ed Templeton: Wires Crossed

Ed Templeton's "Wires Crossed" serves as both a memoir and a documentation of the DIY, punk-infused skateboarding subculture during its evolution in the 1990s and early 2000s. The book pulsates with the raw, explosive energy captured in Templeton's images over the past two decades. Through photographs, collages, texts, maps, and journal ephemera, "Wires Crossed" provides an insider's glimpse into the subculture's formation, reflecting the distinctive aesthetic that emerged from the skateboard world Templeton helped shape.

As a former professional skateboarder and two-time World Skateboarding champion turned photographer and artist, Templeton uniquely navigates the cultural rise of skateboarding. The book delves into Templeton's personal journey as an image maker and explores the lives of skateboarders on tour, revealing the pressures and pleasures of their rock star-like existence and their relentless pursuit of new skate terrain. Featuring previously unpublished material, the work includes interviews between Templeton and fellow pro-skaters, offering compelling insights into the challenges and joys of life on the road and the passionate pursuit of their art form, whether on their decks or behind the camera.



Published by: Aperture

Published: Aug 2023 

Pages: 264 pages 

Dimensions: 279 x 218mm