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One of Twelve Wilarra Silk Scarf by Mulyatingki Marney

Wilarra Silk Scarf by Mulyatingki Marney

Wilarra is the word for moon in Manyjilarra, and also the name of the site depicted in this work.  A cluster of saltwater pools known for their healing properties are found at the site, and Martu people still frequent them to bathe cuts and sores.  Mulyatingki Marney and her sisters often camped at Wilarra where a wungkurr (windbreak) provided shelter.  Of the ethereal work, Marney says:- “The moon and the lake.  The moon is taking care of the dingo pups, it’s looking after them.  This here is the salt lake [and the] dingo pups here laying down, they’re laying there with their mum.  [The] father is here, [the] father of the pups with his wife.  They are talking to each other, laying down next to each other.  They sang out, kept howling.  The pups listened and ran away.  The moon is laying down taking care of the pups.”

In Jukurrpa (Dreaming) times, the moon called a family of dingoes to Wilarra where she cared from them, creating a windbreak for the family to shelter.  The dingoes then continued their travels, following the moon to the east, stopping at various sites along the way.

100% silk satin.

Hand rolled edges.

Size: 65cm x 130cm.

All One Of Twelve scarves come in a beautiful giftbox and include an Artist’s card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.