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Life of Colour Acrylic Markers

Designed with creative kids in mind, but suitable for all ages. These markers are perfect for adults who want their children to enjoy the fun of paint pens and artistic expression on various surfaces. Unlike our regular paint pens, these markers require no pumping to activate the paint; they resemble and work like traditional markers but contain acrylic paint.


  • Set of 24 vivid, highly-pigmented acrylic paint markers
  • Medium 2.5mm tip nibs suitable
  • Includes a transparent case made from recycled materials, ideal for both store presentation and families seeking convenient pen storage
  • Versatile for use on diverse surfaces like paper, rocks, wood, glass, ceramics, terra-cotta, canvas, fabric, and more
  • Odorless, non-toxic, and safe for users of all ages
  • Once dried, pens are water-resistant
  • Will create a lasting bond with porous surfaces like wood, clay pots, posterboard, and plaster; removable from non-porous materials using household cleaners
  • Not suitable for dishwasher use
  • Marks on fabric are removable and not permanent
  • For glass, porcelain, and ceramic items that undergo frequent washing, it's recommended to bake them at home at 150-180 degrees Celsius for 30-60 minutes to seal the design.