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Palette Mini Series 02: Multicolour

The immensely popular PALETTE colour-themed series, a cherished resource for designers globally, continues to hold its place as a timeless reference. The initial four editions, including Black & White (Vol. 1), Multicolour (Vol. 2), Gold & Silver (Vol. 3), and NEON (Vol. 4), constitute a classic collection known for its enduring relevance and artistic concepts. Although out of print, these editions remain in high demand. Adapting to the evolving needs of today's creative professionals, these four beloved volumes will now be relaunched as the more accessible PALETTE Mini series. Redesigned for easier perusal and collection, PALETTE Minis maintain their stylish and substantive appeal, providing enduring sources of inspiration.

Colours possess the remarkable capacity to convey a wide spectrum of emotions and transcend communication barriers. Multicolour (Vol. 2) spotlights some of the finest global creative solutions that incorporate a multitude of hues to captivate viewers and evoke unique sensations.

Details: Paperback, 256 pages