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Zodiac: Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Brooch

Ambitious, focused and resilient. Ruled by love, beauty and money Taurus' Venusian influence make them the most sensual of the Zodiac. Pleasure is a necessity for Taurus and are enchanted by soft sounds, soothing aromas or succulent flavours and are prepared to work hard to earn it.


Our Zodiac collection has arrived. Hand-made beaded brooch by Broochella.

This brooch has a soft suede backing and single metal pin, making it suitable for easy attachment to clothing and accessories. Presented in a beautiful Broochella gift box.


  • multicoloured 
  • suede backing
  • hand-crafted exquisite bead detailing
  • clasp fastening
  • logo engraved detail


Width 9cm, height 8cm

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