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Marina Abramovic: Gates & Portals

Marina Abramovic co-created this captivating book, tracing her lifelong exploration of spiritual practice through her enduring durational performances and the historical and cultural significance of portals and gates. This publication navigates readers through Abramovic's personal exploration of artworks, cultural relics, and anthropological texts that delve into transitional phases of existence. It contains interviews with the artist and new works produced during a residency. Abramovic views gates as structures facilitating movement from one world to another, while portals transport individuals to altered states of consciousness. Her recent Pitt Rivers Museum residency in Oxford inspired her exhibition at Modern Art Oxford, where the gallery served as a transformative space for shifting between states of consciousness, with visitors taking on the role of performers.



248 pages, 115 colour illustrations 

Dimensions 21.6 x 14.6 cm

ISBN 9783753303147