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Eclette Taper Vessel Yves Stripe

Penny Brooshooft, the artist behind Eclette, creates one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate sustainability and beauty in imperfection. Using recycled paper and cardboard, she creates boldly coloured and patterned vessels from her hand made clay-like material she calls "Cardcrete". Her process blends intention and invention - sometimes sketching concepts, sometimes letting forms evolve organically through experimentation. Through her art, Penny invites viewers to appreciate the inherent beauty and potential with everyday paper waste transformed.


Dimensions: H 150 x W 230mm

- Made from 100% recycled cardboard
- Hand-painted with matte finish
- Handle with care to avoid scratching
- Not water tight; do not submerge or fill with water
- Water-resistant sealer applied to base and internal surfaces
- Wipe sealed areas with soft damp cloth
- Dust external surfaces with soft, dry, color-free cloth
- Intended for dry decorative objects or as a work of art

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